May 9, 2013 NPA Tactical Offensive Against 49th Infantry Battalion

On May 6, 2013, soldiers from the Philippine Army's 49th Infantry Battalion, together with CAFGU paramilitaries, positioned themselves in Agao-ao Elementary School in Ragay, Camarines Sur, under the pretense of providing security for the May 10 elections. 

As is the Armed Forces of the Philippines' practice in its operations, the military's occupation of civilian structures grossly violates the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law signed between the Government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

For three days, villagers constantly reported to the New People's Army the military's activities and locations. The comrades saw this as an opportunity to punish the 49th IB for its crimes, and a plan for a strike operation was laid.

On May 8, shortly after 2 pm, the guerrillas of the Eduardo Olbara Command-NPA Camarines Sur started marching towards the barrio center, unbeknownst to the 49th IB. The red fighters held their position a few kilometers nearby and waited for night to come. The people's army would attack before dawn. 

May 9, 2013; 4:05 am. The NPA's offensive was swift and precise. In just 10 minutes, the comrades were able to take hold of enemy position. The NPA's pre-dawn surprise offensive had the 49th IB scamper in retreat. Also, because of detailed intelligence data, the building which houses a village watchman and the Commission on Elections' PCOS machine was not targetted. 

Always seizing the initiative, red commanders of the NPA-Camarines Sur immediately plan to carry out a tactical offensive upon learning of the 49th IB's presence at Brgy. Agao-ao in Ragay, on May 6, 2013. Precise intel data was offered by the people so that these may be used in punishing the murderous 49th IB.

The army of the poor intent on taking directives from their commanders so as to effectively carry out orders in rendering heavy blows against the 49th IB. On February 2012, 49th IB soldiers killed two boys and their father, and gravely wounded their sister, in a case known as the Mancera Massacre. Months later, a vital witness to the Mancera case was likewise extra-judicially killed by 49th IB soldiers.

The people's militia, part-time fighters of the NPA, likewise participate in the intricate design of the tactical offensive.

May 8, 2013; 2 pm. Red fighters of the Eduardo Olbara Command-NPA Camarines Sur huddle in wait for the order to commence marching towards enemy position.

The comrades survey one of the numerous mountains which they had to scale in their march towards the barrio center of Brgy. Agao-ao, where a platoon of 49th IB soldiers and CAFGU elements are stationed.

May 9, 2013; 4:05 am. After having taken hold of enemy position, an NPA red commander gives orders to secure a crucial portion of the school grounds. The 49th IB has stationed its troopers in Brgy. Agao-ao's elementary school, in flagrant violation of the Comprehensive Agreement for the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

Among the confiscated materiel were 3 high-powered rifles, ammo pouches with more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, a HARRIS VHF radio, a GPS receiver, 12 military packs, and numerous other equipment that would augment the NPA's capability to defend the people and launch tactical offensives against the enemy.

In the NPA, confiscated equipment from the enemy are centralized, before being designated by the military leadership to the proper comrades. This ensures the balance in the fighting capacities of the units.


Walong Tag-araw

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Walong Tag-araw intro

Sa pag-alala sa isang taong anibersaryo ng pagkamartir noong Hulyo 4, 2013 ng walong kadre at kumander ng Communist Party of the Philippines - New People's Army - National Democratic Front sa Bicol, nilikha ang bidyu-kantang ito bilang pagpaparangal sa kanilang kabayanihan.

Iniaalay din ang bidyung ito sa lahat ng rebolusyonaryong mamamayang nag-alay ng kanilang buhay para sa pagkakamit ng tunay na kalayaan at demokrasya. More

Si Ka Greg Hinggil Sa NDF

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Ang bidyung ito ay dokumentasyon ng lektura ni Ka Greg Bañares hinggil sa National Democratic Front, isang linggo bago siya namartir, kasama ang pitong iba pang kadre at kumander ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas at Bagong Hukbong Bayan, noong Hulyo 4, 2013.

Binibigyang-pugay ng bidyung ito hindi lamang ang malaking ambag ni Ka Greg sa minsang pagiging tinig ng rebolusyon sa Bikol, kundi gayundin ang pagpupunyagi ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan ng mamamayang Bikolano, kaisa ng buong sambayanan, na baguhin ang kanilang aping kalagayan. 

Masisilip din sa produksyong ito ang anyo ng mga pulang paaralan ng demokratikong gubyernong bayan, na sumasagisag sa kapasyahan ng mamamayan na mag-armas ng teorya upang higit na patalasin ang kanilang pagrerebolusyon.

Higit sa lahat, ang bidyung ito ay pagbibigay-parangal sa mga kadre, pulang kumander at mandirigma, at masa, na nag-alay ng kanilang buhay para sa digmang bayan.

Paigtingin natin ang ating pagrerebolusyon mula sa kinalugmukan ng ating mga dakilang martir. Patuloy tayong maglingkod sa sambayanan hanggang sa makamit ng lipunan Pilipino ang tunay na kalayaan, demokrasya, at kaunlaran. 


Ranking Philippine Army official threatening civilians in radio program

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This is an excerpt from a recording of the February 17, 2013 broadcast of K-Triple-T, the radio program of the Philipine Army's 31st Infantry Batallion which airs weekly on Padaba FM (103.9 MHz) in Sorsogon City.

In this excerpt, Battallion Commander Lt. Col. Teody Toribio is naming several civilian residents of Barcelona town in Sorsogon, accusing them of being members of the revolutionary New People's Army and threatening them. This video is released by the Celso Minguez Command of NPA-Sorsogon to preempt whatever harm the 31st IB may be planning against these civilians.

Vimeo Video-


Dagundong ng Bikol Setyembre 2012

Watch the latest broadcast of Dagundong ng Bikol

Manindugan Kita


Sulo Kan Pakikibaka 1

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka 2

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka 3


Bidyu: Reyd sa 49th IB sa Maot, Camarines Norte

Matagumpay na Reyd sa 49th IB na Nagsasagawa ng Oplan Bayanihan sa Camarines Norte

Panoorin VIMEO  part 1 of 3

Panoorin VIMEO part 2 of 3

Panoorin sa YOU TUBE part 3 of 3

Abril 29, 2012          
Alas 12:11 ng tanghali, matagumpay na nireyd ng BHB ang 49th IB na nagsasagawa ng Oplan Bayanihan-Peace and Development Team (PDT) sa Brgy Ma-ot, Labo Cam Norte. Nakahimpil ang sampung elemento ng 49th IB sa Barangay Hall, nang salakayin ng mga pulang mandirigma.

Nasamsam ng BHB ang anim na M16 armalayt, isang K3 Saw-Machine Gun, isang kalibre 45 at isang laptop. Sa panimulang ulat, tatlo ang namatay sa aktwal na labanan at may mga sugatan sa panig ng militar.  (Read More)

Isnaypmedia Videos 
maaaring mapanood at ma-download sa VIMEO

Vimeo URL:


Dagundong ng Bikol

Hulyo 5, 2011
Espesyal na Brodkas: Oplan Bayanihan
(Kontra-insurhensyang kampanya ng rehimeng US-Aquino)

You Tube Videos:

part1 of 5

part3 of 5

part4 of 5

part5 of 5

Maaaring ma-download sa VIMEO:

part1 of 5

part2 of 5

part3 of 5

part4 of 5

part5 of 5 More

NPA 42nd Anniversary in Bikol

NPA 42nd Anniversary in Bikol
a photo album about the recent anniversary celebration
view more


9th ID Torture Video

ISNAYP releases the following video footage handed over by some soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division Philippine Army based in Kuta Elias Angeles, Pili, Camarines Sur. The AFP's 9th IDPA directs all military activities in the whole of the Bicol region. This footage covers a significant part of the army recruits' months-long training (ECO2 Cl 185-08). Dismayed soldiers of the 9th IDPA submitted this video to the National Democratic Front-Bicol to protest the maltreatment and abuse carried out by the Training Unit of the 9th IDPA.

The following video exposes various types of torture inflicted by the 9th IDPA Training Unit on the trainees. According to the upset soldiers who submitted the video, the extremely cruel exercises supposedly prepares the trainees in the eventualities that they will be captured by red fighters of the New People's Army. However, the 9th IDPA Training Unit's indoctrination is the exact opposite of the NPA's policies. Moreso, former prisoners of war of the NPA attest to the NPA's humane treatment of captives and adherence to international humanitarian law.

With the AFP's systematic brutality even to its own soldiers, the military's platitudes of its supposed respect for human rights is nothing but a big lie.

Succeeding scenes are sensitive. Viewer discretion is advised.
March 2011

Part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

For easy Video Downloading:
Vimeo Videos part 1 of 2

Vimeo Videos part 2 of 2 More

Hukbo ng Masa Video-Tula

Hukbo ng Masa Video-Tula
42nd Anniversary of the NPA

This short video production portrays the basic characteristics of the true people's army and its tasks, using a poetic form. Highest salute to the New People's Army for its 42nd Anniversary. More

Sa Kagalingan ng Masa (Mga Tagpo sa Likod ng Klinikang Bayan)


Bulusan: Klinikang Bayan

Bulusan: Klinikang Bayan

Panoorin sa You Tube

Sa pinakahuling ulat mula sa Sorsogon, mahigit sa 500 pasyente ang nabiyayaan ng tuluy-tuloy na klinikang bayan ng mga medik ng Celso Minguez Command.

Bilang pagtugon sa pangangailangan ng mamamayang naging biktima ng pagsabog ng bulkang Bulusan,pinangunahan ng mga medik ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan at ng lokal na komite sa kalusugan ng mga samahang masa ang paghahatid ng serbisyo medikal.

Sa pagitan ng matitinding sakyada ng mga militar mula Nobyembre hanggang Disyembre 2010, sinikap ng mga medik na makapag-abot ng

libreng serbisyo sa mahigit 300 katao. Sinaklaw nito ang sampung baryong naapektuhan ng pagputok ng Bulkan Bulusan.

Hanggang sa kasalukuyan, tuluy-tuloy ang paglulunsad ng klinikang bayan sa maraming mga baryo sa Sorsogon na nakararanas ng matitinding pagbuhos ng ulan at pagbaha. More

Klinikang bayan para sa mga Biktima ng Pagputok ng Bulkan Bulusan

Mga larawan sa

Mahigit sa 300 pasyente ang nabiyayaan ng klinikang bayan ng Celso Minguez Command. Sinaklaw nito ang sampung baryong naapektuhan ng pagputok ng Bulkan Bulusan.

Sa pagitan ng matitinding sakyada ng mga militar mula Nobyembre hanggang Disyembre 2010, sinikap ng mga hukbong medik na makapag-abot ng libreng serbisyo sa mga taumbaryo.

Hanggang sa kasalukuyan, tuluy-tuloy ang paglulunsad ng klinikang bayan sa maraming mga baryo sa Sorsogon.

Abangan ang ilalabas na bidyu sa YouTube. More

Dagundong ng Bikol


Dagundong ng Bikol Disyembre 2010 Brodkas

Dagundong ng Bikol
Disyembre 2010 Brodkas

click to view You Tube video:
Part 1 of 5 (Manindugan kita!)

click to view You tube video:
part 2 of 5 (Sulo news)

click to view You tube video:
part 3 of 5

click to view You tube video:
part 4 of 5

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CPP-NPA Celso Minguez Command: 509th PPMG Ambush

November 9, 2009 -- This short vid is taken from the actual footage when the eight memebers of the 509th Provincial Police Mobile Group were ambushed by the Celso Minguez Command of the NPA in Sorsogon, while riding a Toyota Hilux back-to-back truck. Using command-detonated explosives, the truck was bombed and consequently wrecked.

Killed on the spot were four members of the PPMG and another died in the hospital. The others were wounded. Two 45 cal. firearms, ammunitions and magazines were taken from the said police.

Revolutionary justice was given to the victims of extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the ambushed mobile group of the PNP. More

value="">name="allowFullScreen" value="true">value="always">

The Celso Minguez Command of the NPA in Sorsogon gives its highest salute to the martyred comrades of the people's Army who offered their lives in the service of the people. These red warriors are teachers, commanders, doctor and organizers of the toiling masses in the countryside, where they spent their revolutionary lives. More

Catanduanes sa Gitna ng Oplan Bantay Laya 2

Maliban sa mga taktikal na opensiba ng Nerissa San Juan Command, ang buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa isla ng Catanduanes ay lahatang-panig na sumusulong sa gitna ng marahas na mga atake ng mga armadong pwersa ng gubyerno sa balangkas ng Oplan Bantay Laya 2.


40th Anniversary of the CPP

Bicol revolutionary forces salute the 40th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philipines.

Recent photos
of red fighters in the countrysides.

40th Anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Bicol revolutionary forces salute the 40th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines More

Cherish the NPA

Pakamahalin (Cherish) is a 20-minute film about the New People's Army. An army cherished and loved by the people. Soldiers living simple lives while struggling arduously to defend the people's lives and livelihood. An army composed of ordinary people, treading an extraordinary path of service.

Pakamahalin is a production of the New People's Army - Central Luzon Region in 2005. The film narrates a short history of the NPA and the different characteristics of the people's army.

Watch in YouTube Part 1 Part 2


Bigwas! (Blow) Produced by Sine Proletaryo
Re-uploaded and reposted from the Philippine Revolution Web Central

Challlenged with the Filipino people's growing wrath for its numerous crimes, the entire fascist, puppet and reactionary Arroyo regime desperately and incorrigibly goes on to sow terror: The extent of human rights violations under this administration is unprecedented. More than 800 activists, peoples' rights advocates in the media as well as in the church have been extrajudicially killed. While the number of desaparecidos increases, more persons critical of government are being regarded as enemies of the state and face arrest. Thousands of innocent, helpless civilians' lives and livelihood have been destroyed due to a wide range of abuses perpetrated by no less than police, military or paramilitary elements.

This not only further stokes the raging fires of protest and indignation: Already, the people are submerged in misery. The Philippines is a top hotbed of corruption, where powers-that-be fight over and gobble up the country's wealth while a ballooning majority of the people become poorer as the prices of basic commodities, even services, continue to soar and unemployment is constantly on the rise.

The regime's obvious attempts to suppress the people's discontent through various tactics ranging from lies and deception to the brutal use of so-called 'anti-terror' policies patterned after that of its US master only further awaken and push the masses to revolt.

All these affirm the correctness of all the more intensifying revolutionary armed struggle as the people's ultimate weapon in dealing blows against and overhauling the rotten system: The desperate regime's every act of imisseration of, deception and violence against the Filipino people makes it utterly contemptible as the very representation of a status quo that is bound to fall into pieces. This regime indeed is the number one recruiter of the New People's Army as more and more people turn to the armed revolutionary movement from which the people have come to know and cherish their comrades in life and their defenders against oppressors.

Thus with every single blow dealt by Red fighters on the enemy, especially the AFP and PNP's rabid units and death squads responsible for human rights violations, not only is the capacity of the People's genuine army to fight and win raised. More importantly, the people's confidence and solidarity with their army in waging revolution is raised. A rotten regime is thus isolated, and revolutionary change is further advanced.

Watch in YouTube Part 1 Part 2


Discipline, courage, and correct analysis: important principles that the people's army adhere to. These are just some of the principles that the revolutionary forces are loved for by the people. These factors, hand in hand with the warm and overflowing support of the community, ensures the victory of a tactical offensive of the New People's Army (NPA) against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

In July 2006, Pulang Bagani Productions and the Merardo Arce Command - New People's Army Southern Mindanao Region produced OPENSIBA, a coverage of the NPA Mindanao's military campaign against the AFP, Philippine National Police (PNP), and para-military groups of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. Among the target of these tactical offensives are government units and military officials responsible for the abduction or extra-judicial killing of civilian patriots, activists, and critiques of the administration.

Aside from a short flashback of the Magpet Raid (see Kilab: Magpet Raid) OPENSIBA reports most of the tactical offensives in the region from November 2005 to February 2006. Some of the highlights were the November 11, 2005 raid in Quezon, Bukidnon and the February 5, 2006 raid in Lingig, Surigao Del Sur.

The Bukidnon and Surigao Del Sur raid of government detachments reaped 35 firearms. The NPA controlled the municipal detachments without a single shot being fired from both sides. The latter tactical offensive pinned down an Armed Personnel Carrier (APC) and a 6x6 Infantry truck in a parallel ambush of the government's reinforcement convoy from the 36th Infantry Battalion.

The Merardo Arce Command conducted a total of 125 tactical offensives in the Southern Mindanao Region in 2005 alone. OPENSIBA was produced with the help of the National Democratic Front - Mindanao, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Pulang Bagani Company of the NPA, the Ka Paking Guimbaolibot Red Partisan Brigade, and 14 other NPA Operations Command in Mindanao, Philippines.

For regular news about NPA Mindanao, visit Pasa Bilis at the Philippine Revolution Web Central. Pasa Bilis is the regular newspaper of the revolutionary forces in Mindanao.

Watch in YouTube Part 1 2 3

Dagundong ng Bikol

Dagundong ng Bikol (DnB) is the regular video broadcast of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army in the Bicol Region. Originally, DnB was an audio broadcast distributed via audio cassette tapes. DnB revolutionized its form in 2004. The broadcast started airing via Video CDs. With information not only heard, but also seen.

Dagundong ng Bikol June 2007 Broadcast talks about Oplan Bantay Laya II (OBL2), the US-Arroyo Regime's bloody counter-insurgency program. This issue of DnB includes an animated feature about OBL2's components and on how the people and revolutionary forces must confront this counter-insurgency program.

Dagundong ng Bikol August 31 2006 Broadcast talks about the US-Arroyo regime's long list of human rights violations

Dagundong ng Bikol June 2007 Broadcast

Oplan Bantay Laya II (OBL2), the US-Arroyo Regime's bloody counter-insurgency program is the topic of Dagundong ng Bikol's June 2007 Broadcast. Oplan Bantay Laya have been terrorizing the countryside and destroying people's livelihood. However the people and revolutionary forces have remained steadfast in combating the terror brought by the OBL2.

Manindugan Kita! discusses in brief the terror counter-insurgency program and how the people and revolutionary forces should face OBL2.

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka featured the NPA's tactical offensive against Filmenera Mining Corporation's environmentally destructive mining operation in the province of Masbate. Activities and victories of the revolutionary movement for the past quarter were also featured.

Tudlang Talakayan talks about Oplan Bantay Laya 2 in detail. This edition of Tudlang Talakayan include testimonies from militarized communities and an animated feature of counter insurgency program's components, tactics, and lies.

YouTube Broadcast 1 of 6
Introduction, Internasyunale, Manindugan Kita!

YouTube Broadcast 2 of 6
Sulo Kan Pakikibaka Part 1 News, Tudlang Talakayan Part 1

YouTube Broadcast 3 of 6
Patalastas: Labanan ang Oplan Bantay Laya!
Tudlang Talakayan Part 2

YouTube Broadcast 4 of 6
Tudlang Talakayan Part 3, Sulo Kan Pakikibaka Part 2 News

YouTube Broadcast 5 of 6
Tudlang Talakayan Animation Feature and Conclusion

YouTube Broadcast 6 of 6
Sulo Kan Pakikibaka News Conclusion, Sign-off

Download the VCD version of the June 2007 broadcast
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Dagundong ng Bikol August 2006 Broadcast

Manindugan Kita! talks about the illegal arrest and detention of National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Rudy Calubad and his son Gabriel by elements of the South Luzon Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This editorial reiterates the call of the revolutionary forces and Calubad's family for the AFP to surface and release the two.

Watch in YouTube Manindugan Kita!

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka News: Special Report on the NPA's Pawili Raid

Watch in YouTube
Part 1 and Part 2

Tudlang Talakayan features a discussion about the US-Arroyo regime's human rights violations. Also featured is an interview with Ka Alex, a former activist in the legal mass movement who escaped an assassination attempt on his life by elements of the regime's military death squad.

Watch in YouTube Part 1 and Part 2

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka News

Watch in YouTube Part 1 and Part 2

Download MPG (Complete 600 MB) Part 1 2 3

The Correspondents: Kasama

In 2003, documentarist Ed Lingao trekked the Cordilleras to interview Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal and Ka Filiw, spokespersons of the CPP and the Cordillera People's Democratic Front (CPDF) respectively. In this 1 hour documentary by ABS-CBN's The Correspondents, Lingao chats with Ka Roger and other red fighters in a light discussion about their lives and experience in the revolutionary movement.

Correspondent: Ed Lingao
Aired on ABS-CBN 2: 2003

Watch (YouTube) Part 1 2 3 4 5

Ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan

The New People's Army, A Music Video

Watch or Download More


Bagati sa Bawat Hakbang ng mga Pulang Mandirigma

Bagatî - (n.) a distinct crackling sound.

In the mountains and plains of Bicol, every step of the New People's Army (NPA) produces a bagati that sharply changes the economic and political landscape of the countryside. The red fighters' simple life and arduous struggle with the masses resound the principles of the new democratic revolution.

The 18 minute people's film presents the revolutionary work in the countryside conducted by the revolutionary movement. From education and cultural work to helping in economic production. From providing basic medical service and training to empowering the people and the people's army. In words and in practice, the NPA indeed is the army of the Filipino people.

Produced by ISNAYP
and the National Democratic Front (NDF) Bicol Region
April 2004

Trailer (1min)
Download MPG [11 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Complete Video

Download MPG [183.19 MB] or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2



Asolt! Isang Tagpo sa Taktikal na Opensiba sa Tinambac

Asolt! is a coverage of the March 1, 2004 ambush of the New People's Army on elements of the 42nd Infantry Batallion in Brgy. Bataan, Tinambac, Camarines Sur.

Length: 11 minutes

Download MPG [110 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Frontlines on NPA Bicol

ABC5 FRONTLINES Special on the NPA in the Bicol Region

This 20 minute documentary by Ed Lingao and ABC5 Frontlines is about the New People's Army (NPA) in the Bicol Region. ISNAYP, a revolutionary media group in the region was featured in one of the segments along with Dagundong ng Bikol, the regular video broadcast of the Communist Party and NPA in Bicol. Ka Greg, NDF-Bicol spokesperson was also interviewed about the revolutionary government. The MTRCB sought to censor some of the scenes in this documentary.

Aired on ABC5: August 2006

Watch in YouTube Part 1 2 3
Download MPG Part 1 2

Sulo Kan Pakikibaka: Pawili Raid

A special report about the May 25, 2006 New People's Army raid of the military intelligence base of the 9th Infantry Division on Brgy. Pawili, Pili, Camarines Sur. This production is part of the August 31, 2006 issue of Dagundong ng Bikol.

Download MPGs [110MB] Part 1 2 3 4 5
or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2


Wanted: Major Ernest Marc Rosal

A short Ad for the capture of Major Ernest Marc Rosal. This two-minute video is part of the August 31, 2006 issue of Dagundong ng Bikol, the regular video broadcast of the Communist Party and New People's Army in Bicol.

Major Ernest Marc Rosal is the commanding officer of the 9th Military Intelligence Battalion. He issued the mission order for the assasination of peasant advocate Pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa, the 109th victim of extrajudicial killings in the Bicol Region under the US-Macapagal regime since 2001. He is presently at large, armed and dangerous. Please forward any information about the whereabouts and operations of Major Rosal to units of the New People's Army and People's Militia in the region.

Download MPG or Watch in YouTube


Videos About the Prisoners of War (POWs)

In 2004, various video productions were released in relation with the two NPA Prisoners of War (POWs) Philippine Army 1st Lt. Ronaldo "Butch" Fidelino, and PFC. Ronel Nemeño. The two soldiers were captured by the NPA in an ambush in Tinambac, Camarines Sur on March 1, 2004. They were released 5 months and 18 days later on August 18, 2004.

ISNAYP Balita Marso 29, 2004

ISNAYP presents in a news report the capture of Philippine Army 1st Lt. Ronaldo "Butch" Fidelino and PFC. Ronel Nemeño in an ambush by the New People's Army in Brgy. Bataan, Tinambac, Camarines Sur. The tactical offensive was conducted on March 1, 2004.

Produced by ISNAYP and the Romulo Jallores Command - NPA Bicol

Length: 5 mins 30 sec
Date: March 29, 2004

Download MPG [56 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Speech of 1st Lt. Fidelino

In an informal gathering a few days before their release, captured Philippine Army 1st Lt. Ronaldo "Butch" Fidelino gives his thanks to the revolutionary custodial forces for the warm and humanitarian treatment of him and PFC. Ronel Nemeño as Prisoners of War (POWs).

Coverage by ISNAYP

Length: 3 mins 46 sec
Date: August 2004

Download MPG [38 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Cultural Performances

A few hours before the New People's Army custodial forces turns over the two POWs to representatives of the International Red Cross, a short but meaningful and lively cultural program was held for the POWs. This event was actively participated not only by 1st Lt. Fidelino, PFC. Nemeño and the NPA red fighters but also by representatives from the media.

Download MPG or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2 3

Interview with media practitioners

ISNAYP interviews the media practitioners who covered the release of Prisoners of War (POWs) 1st Lt. Fidelino and PFC. Nemeño in August 18, 2004.

Duration: 4 mins 21 sec

Download MPG[44 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Awit at Ngiti
Mga Larawan ng mga Bihag ng Digma

In a short documentary, ISNAYP presents the 5 months and 18 days of the two POWs with the New People's Army. A span of time filled with smiles, camaraderie and hymns. The video affirmins the kind and humanitarian treatment of two POWs by the NPA custodial forces.

Download MPG Part 1 2 or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2


ABS-CBN Correspondents: Propaganda War

In a 2-segment documentary, ABS-CBN Correspondents featured the August 2004 release of the NPA prisoners of war (POWs). The documentary also featured comrades from ISNAYP who talked about revolutionary film making.

Correspondents: Ana Puod and Gus Abelgas
Aired on ABS-CBN 2: August 2004

Download MPG Part 1 2 or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2 3

Ka Greg Bañares, NDF Bicol Spokesperson

Latest statements and video messages of Ka Greg Bañares, NDF Bicol Spokesperson.

Click here to browse other statements of Ka Greg

Nakabalatkayong Armadong Panghihimask ng Imperyalismong US sa Bikol Hunyo 27, 2007

Panawagan sa mga Patriyotikong Upisyal ng AFP at PNP sa Rehiyong Bikol Kaugnay ng Extra-Judicial Killings Hunyo 27, 2007

Biktima si Sotero Llamas ng Extra-Judicial Killings ng Rehimeng Arroyo Hunyo 25, 2007

3 Questions and Answers from Ka Greg, July 20, 2006

In this 12 minute video, Ka Greg talks about how the revolutionary movement in Bicol confronts GMA's All-Out War. Ka Greg also reiterates NDF Bicol's call for the AFP to surface and release NDF consultant Rudy Calubad and his son. This short Q&A was produced by the Information Office of the National Democratic Front - Bicol Region.

Download MPG Part 1 2 or Watch in YouTube Part 1 2

About the release of the Prisoners of War (POWs), August 2004

A video message of NDF-Bicol Spokesperson Ka Greg Bañares, produced by ISNAYP, the National Democratic Front - Bicol Region, and the Romulo Jallores Command - New People's Army Bicol. The video production was presented in a program during the release of the two Prisoners of War (POWs) - Philippine Army 1st Lt. Ronaldo "Butch" Fidelino, and PFC. Ronel Nemeño.

Length: 5 mins 26 sec

Download MPG [54 MB] or Watch in YouTube


Revolutionary Music Videos

These three music videos were produced in 2003 by the Audio-Visual Staff of the Romulo Jallores Command, New People's Army - Bicol.

Manggagawang Pangkultura
Length: 4 mins 22 sec
Download MPG [44 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Sulo Kan Bikol
Length: 5 mins 52 sec
Download MPG [59 MB] or Watch in YouTube

Martsa Kan Bikolandia
Length: 3 mins 18 sec
Download MPG [33 MB] or Watch in YouTube


Videos from the NDFP Secretariat

Resurgence! The NDF on its 25th Year

Produced by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Secretariat. Released on April 24, 1998. Length: 45 mins

25 years. The best and the brightest of today's generation creating the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective.

Resurgence! The NDF on its 25th year anniversary captures the renewed vigor, the continuing commitment and the heightened struggle of the Filipino people for a just, democratic and sovereign society.

The mass base. The people's army. The united front. Witness all these and more as Resurgence! brings forth a glimpse of what the NDFP has achieved in more than two decades of service to the most oppressed sectors of the country - the peasant and workers. It tells of the gains and triumphs of the NDFP specially since the Second Great Rectification Movement in 1992.

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NDFP's 12 Point Program and Allied Organizations

Sa kasalukuyan, ang PDPP ay pormal na nagkakaisang prente ng mga organisasyon ng mga batayang pwersa ng rebolusyon, na binubuo ng uring manggagawa, magsasaka at petiburgesyang lunsod. ... Sa pamamagitan ng dokumentong ito, idinedeklara ng PDPP ang kanyang 12-Puntong Programa. Iniaalay ito sa sambayanang Pilipino upang magsilbing gabay at batayan ng pagkakaisa sa pakikipaglaban para sa malaya, demokratiko, makatarungan, masagana at maunlad na kinabukasan.
The 12 Point Program of the NDFP

NDFP's 12 Point Program

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Allied Organizations of the NDFP

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Contact the NDFP Secretariat
address: Amsterdamsestraatweg 50, NL - 3513 AG Utrecht, Netherlands More

New People's Army Mindanao

Video documentaries and coverages from the New People's Army in Mindanao.

Green Guerillas (1996)

The Green Guerillas is a film written and directed by Rod Prosser in 1996 about the New People's Army Mindanao in their campaign for the protection of the environment and the culture of the indigenous people. Ka Paking (now a revolutionary martyr) talked about the participation of the tribal communities in the people's war and the policies of the revolutionary movement on the environment.

Length of the documentary is approximately 28 minutes.

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Kilab: Magpet Raid Coverage

The Merardo Arce Command of the New People's Army in Mindanao presents Kilab. A coverage of the June 2005 NPA Mindanao's raid of a police headquarters in Magpet, North Cotabato. In this daring and well planned tactical offensive, no shots were fired and nobody was hurt nor injured in the entire duration. The sucessful raid earned a number of high powered firearms and ammunition for the people's army.

Length of the coverage is approximately 20 minutes. The production was produced by the Merardo Arce Command - Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the NPA, Herminio Alfonso Command, Magtanggol Roque Command, and the Ka Paking Guimbaolibot Red Partisan Brigade Southern Mindanao Region.

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Pagsasanay Audio-Biswal sa Rehiyon

Pagsasanay sa Paggawa ng Rebolusyonaryong Bidyu sa Albay at Camarines Sur

Mula sa SILYAB, Hulyo-Setyembre 2005

Magkasunod na ilinunsad ang mga pagsasanay sa paggawa ng rebolusyonaryong bidyu, sa mga prubinsya ng Albay at Camarines Sur. Buwan ng Mayo ginanap ang pagsasanay sa Albay, habang nitong Hunyo naman ang treyning sa Camarines Sur.

Sa Albay, anim na estudyante mula sa iba't ibang larangan nito ang dumalo. Ityinempo ang pagsasanay sa gitna ng halos walang patlang na masinsing operasyong militar sa buong prubinsya. Bagama't mabilisan ang naging paghahanda, hindi ito naging malaking hadlang sa mahusay na daloy ng treyning.

Pinruyekto ng mga estudyante sa nasabing prubinsya, ang dramatisasyon ng matagumpay na dagliang reyd noong 2003, sa Sityo Baligang, Pinamaniquian, Ligao City. Natatangi ang nasabing reyd dahil kagyat itong ilinunsad upang harapin ang kaaway na pumasok sa sonang gerilya. At, hindi nangailangan ng matagal na paghahanda upang ito ay ikasa. Masiglang lumahok ang isang platun ng mga pulang mandirigma sa ginanap na syuting. Ang mahigit sa sampung minutong produkyon ay pinamagatang Dagliang Aksyon.

Sa prubinsya naman ng Camarines Sur, dalawang maikling bidyu ang ilinuwal ng treyning. Ang isa ay bidyu-kanta ng Martsa ng Kababaihan. Bidyu-parangal naman para kay Kasamang Jhun ang ginawa ng isang grupo. Pitong estudyante ang lumahok sa nasabing pagsasanay. Kahit kulang ang ginamit na mga kompyuter at nagkaroon ng ilang teknikal na problema, matagumpay na natapos ang treyning.

Sa mga pagsasanay, hinati ang mga kalahok sa mga grupo at pinairal ang kolektibong paggawa. Dinagdagan ang mga ehersisyo sa pagsulat ng iskrip at pagbuo ng drama. At, mas dinetalye ang oryentasyon sa pangangalaga sa seguridad ng kilusan at mga kasama, mula sa pagkuha ng bidyu, pag-edit, hanggang sa pangangalaga ng mga sensitibong kuha.

Sa hinaharap, plano ng mga lumahok na gumawa ng mga rebolusyonaryong bidyu na pantulong sa mga pag-aaral na Pampartido at pang-masa. Ang isang grupo naman ay agad na pumakat upang gumawa ng isang dokumentaryo hinggil sa isang kampanyang masa.

Pamprubinsyang Treyning sa Audio-Biswal, Ilinarga sa Sorsogon

Mula sa SILYAB, Oktubre-Disyembre 2004

Mula Nobyembre 14-23, nagsanay ang 12 kasama sa paggawa ng mga produksyong audio-biswal sa Sorsogon. Nagpadalo ang lahat ng mga larangang gerilya sa lalawigan.

Sinimulan ang treyning sa pagsariwa sa mga batayang prinsipyong gumagabay sa paglikha ng mga materyal sa propaganda. Itinuon dito ang oryentasyon sa paglikha ng mga rebolusyonaryong bidyu.

Hinati sa apat na grupo ang mga estudyante. Ang bawat grupo ay may tigisang kompyuter at bidyu kamera. Mula paggamay sa paggamit ng bidyu kamera, hanggang sa batayang pag-edit ng mga kuha, ang sinaklaw ng treyning. Malaking bilang ng mga estudyante ang hindi sanay sa paggamit ng kompyuter. Ngunit, sa pamamagitan ng kolektibong paggawa, hindi ito naging malaking hadlang sa paglarga ng pagsasanay.

Mahalagang salik ng treyning ang pagkritika sa mga dati nang linikhang rebolusyonaryong bidyu sa rehiyon. Masusing sinuri ang mga kahinaan at kalakasan ng mga dati nang likha. At, irinehistro ang mga mungkahi kung papaano pa gagawing mas epektibo ang mga susunod na produksyon, bilang propaganda sa masa at mga kasama. Tinukoy rin ang kaibhan ng mga rebolusyonaryong likha, kumpara sa mga luwal na produksyon ng burgis na masmidya tungkol sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

Sa loob ng sam-pung araw, pinagsumikapan ng mga grupo na makalikha ng tig-aapat hanggang limang minutong-haba na mga produksyong bidyu. Sari-sari ang mga pormang kanilang ginamit. Ang Taliba ng Sambayanan ay isang kobereyds tungkol sa gawain ng mga postehan sa isang aktibidad. Bidyu-kanta naman ng Babaeng Walang Kibo ang ginawa ng isang grupo. Isang presentasyon ng mga nakatutuwang tagpo sa loob ng 24 na oras sa buhay ng mga kasama, ang naging pokus ng Kasama sa Lahat ng Oras. Ang bidyu-tulang Anahaw, na tungkol sa pagkalinga ng masa sa mga kasama, ang linikha ng isang grupo.

Matapos ang pagsasanay, bitbit ng mga kasamang kumalas ang mas malinaw na perspektiba kung paano imamaksimisa ang mga produktong audiobiswal, sa gawaing proganda at pagbibigay-edukasyon.

"Buhay namin ito."

Rebyu ng pelikulang Buhay Masbatenyo

Mula sa SILYAB* Mayo 10, 2005

Pagkagat ng dilim, ordinaryong tagpo sa kanayunan ang pag-iipon ng mga taumbaryo sa kanilang “sinehan.” Karaniwang ekstensyon ito ng isang bahay na may maluwag na espasyo at mga upuan. Sa harapan ay ang tinututukan ng bawat tao – isang malaking telebisyon na nagpapalabas ng mga pelikulang naka-vcd. Kadalasan, sinisimot pa ng bawat manunood ang kanilang natitirang barya upang may pambayad lamang.

Mga kilalang artista ang makikitang bida. Hindi usapin kung malayo sa buhay ng masa ang kanilang papel na ginagampanan o kaya naman ay hindi kapani-paniwala ang mga eksenang pinapalabas, basta’t maaksyon at madrama, tinatangkilik ng taumbaryo.

Hapon ng Hulyo 30, 2004, sa isang baryo sa Masbate, nagtipon ang mga tao. Ang ilan ay galing pa sa ibang lugar. Sentro rin ng kanilang atensyon ang malaking telebisyon sa kanilang harapan. Nananabik din silang mapanood ang isang pelikula. Ngunit walang siningil sa kanilang bayad.

Parang pyesta ang tagpo. Andun ang mga batang malilikot na sa sobrang inip. Ang mga kabataan at matatanda naman ay bumabaling lagi ang usapan sa pelikulang ipapalabas. Hindi pa man napapanood, may antas na ng pamilyaridad sa pelikula, ang mga nagkukwentuhan.

Ito ang hapon ng unang pagpapalabas ng pelikulang Buhay Masbatenyo.

Kilusang masa ang pelikula ng masa

Sapagkat ang mga artista, taguyod, at sumuporta, ay galing din mismo sa hanay ng masa’t kasama, walang kasing higpit ang pagyakap ng mga Masbatenyo sa nasabing pelikula.

Kalakhan ng mga gumanap ay lumahok sa isang pamprubinsyang treyning sa gawain sa rebolusyonaryong kultura. Kung kaya, hindi naging mahirap para sa mga pumapel ang paggagap sa wastong oryentasyon sa pagsusulong ng rebolusyonaryong kultura, bilang bahagi ng iba pang gawain sa pagsusulong ng digmang bayan. Hindi bababa sa laking kumpanya ang bilang ng mga masa’t kasamang nag-ambag ng kakayanan upang maging matagumpay ang paglikha ng Buhay Masbatenyo.

Dahil na rin sa antas ng konsolidasyon ng masa sa erya, madulas ang kanilang pagsuporta sa paggawa ng pelikula. Naunawaan ng masa ang kahalagahan ng Buhay Masbatenyo sa larangan ng propaganda, upang higit pang bigkisin ang kanilang hanay sa pagsusulong ng armadong pakikibaka. At, upang ipaabot sa mga panginoong maylupa ang kanilang katatagan upang pawiin ang pagsasamantala at pang-aapi sa kanilang uri.

Ang buhay ng masang Masbatenyo

Mayor na salik ang wastong pagsusulong ng rebolusyong agraryo sa prubinsya kaya’t naging matalas at tumpak ang nilalaman ng Buhay Masbatenyo, sa pagsasalarawan ng tunggalian sa pagitan ng uring malaking panginoong maylupa at uring magsasaka. Kongkretong ipinakita ng pelikula kung paano pinagsasamantalahan at dinadahas ng mga rantsero, na tumatayong malalaki at despotikong PML sa prubinsya, ang mayoryang magsasaka.

Simple lamang ang daloy ng pelikula. Lapat na lapat sa totoong karanasan ng masang magsasaka sa Masbate. Ipinakita sa simula ang masikhay na pagpapayaman ng masa sa kanilang maisan at palayan. Dumating ang PML na si Don Felino, na nagtangkang kamkamin ang kanilang lupa, upang gawing rantso. Ginamit ni Don Felino ang kanyang armadong tauhan, at sinuhulan ang meyor ng bayan, upang mapalayas ang mga tao. Dumating sa puntong lumikas ang mga taumbaryo dahil sa pandarahas ng nasabing PML.

Sa bagong linipatan, pumasok naman ang isang PML na si Don Fausto, na nagnais ding mangamkam ng lupa. Ngunit sa bahaging ito, nasa eksena na ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan, na mahigpit na ipinagtanggol ang inaaping mga magsasaka. Ni-reyd ng Hukbo ang mga tauhan ni Don Fausto, hanggang napilitang umatras ang PML at nanyutralisa.

Ngunit ang despotikong si Don Felino ay ginamit pa ang mga bayarang militar upang itapat sa Hukbo. Isang matagumpay na ambus ng mga kasama, ang ultimong nagpatimo kay Don Felino na hindi kailanman madadaig ang pagkakaisa ng Hukbo at masa.

Ipinakita rin ng pelikula ang unti-unting transpormasyon ng masa, mula sa walang kalaban-labang api, hanggang sa militanteng pagkilos nila at pagyakap sa armadong pakikibaka, upang ipagtanggol ang kanilang mga karapatan. Lahat ng ito ay bunga ng puspusang pag-oorganisa, pagpupropaganda at pag-eeduka sa kanila ng mga kasama.

Pinatingkad ng makatotohanang pagganap ng mga artista ang sakit at pagdurusa ng masang magsasaka. Sa unang pagpapalabas ng pelikula, samu’t saring emosyon ang mababakas sa manunood. Sa isang bahagi ng palabas, ang palahaw ng isang ginang na nakita ang pagpaslang sa kanyang asawa ng mga goons ng PML, ay nagpapatak sa mga nagngangalit na luha ng mga nanunood. Tahimik at tiim-bagang ang ilang tao habang sinasaksihan ang eksenang lumilikas ang mga taumbaryo, bitbit ang iilan nilang pag-aari, dahil sa pangangamkam ng PML sa kanilang lupa.

Galak ang makikitang ekspresyon ng mga manunood nang unti-unting tumingkad ang armadong pakikibaka bilang mapagpasyang solusyon sa pangunahing problema ng masang magsasaka. Banggit ng isang Hukbo sa pelikula, habang sinusubukang suhulan ng PML, na hindi pwedeng iwanan ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan ang mga magsasaka kapag sila ay inaapi.

“Buhay namin ito.” Ito na siguro ang pinakamataas na pagkilalang sinambit tungkol sa pelikulang Buhay Masbatenyo. Hindi iilan ang bumigkas ng mga katagang ito, matapos ang pagpapalabas ng pelikula, sa masang Masbatenyo.

*SILYAB ang panrehiyunal na pahayagan ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Bikol