Bagati sa Bawat Hakbang ng mga Pulang Mandirigma

Bagatî - (n.) a distinct crackling sound.

In the mountains and plains of Bicol, every step of the New People's Army (NPA) produces a bagati that sharply changes the economic and political landscape of the countryside. The red fighters' simple life and arduous struggle with the masses resound the principles of the new democratic revolution.

The 18 minute people's film presents the revolutionary work in the countryside conducted by the revolutionary movement. From education and cultural work to helping in economic production. From providing basic medical service and training to empowering the people and the people's army. In words and in practice, the NPA indeed is the army of the Filipino people.

Produced by ISNAYP
and the National Democratic Front (NDF) Bicol Region
April 2004

Trailer (1min)
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Complete Video

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