Bigwas! (Blow) Produced by Sine Proletaryo
Re-uploaded and reposted from the Philippine Revolution Web Central

Challlenged with the Filipino people's growing wrath for its numerous crimes, the entire fascist, puppet and reactionary Arroyo regime desperately and incorrigibly goes on to sow terror: The extent of human rights violations under this administration is unprecedented. More than 800 activists, peoples' rights advocates in the media as well as in the church have been extrajudicially killed. While the number of desaparecidos increases, more persons critical of government are being regarded as enemies of the state and face arrest. Thousands of innocent, helpless civilians' lives and livelihood have been destroyed due to a wide range of abuses perpetrated by no less than police, military or paramilitary elements.

This not only further stokes the raging fires of protest and indignation: Already, the people are submerged in misery. The Philippines is a top hotbed of corruption, where powers-that-be fight over and gobble up the country's wealth while a ballooning majority of the people become poorer as the prices of basic commodities, even services, continue to soar and unemployment is constantly on the rise.

The regime's obvious attempts to suppress the people's discontent through various tactics ranging from lies and deception to the brutal use of so-called 'anti-terror' policies patterned after that of its US master only further awaken and push the masses to revolt.

All these affirm the correctness of all the more intensifying revolutionary armed struggle as the people's ultimate weapon in dealing blows against and overhauling the rotten system: The desperate regime's every act of imisseration of, deception and violence against the Filipino people makes it utterly contemptible as the very representation of a status quo that is bound to fall into pieces. This regime indeed is the number one recruiter of the New People's Army as more and more people turn to the armed revolutionary movement from which the people have come to know and cherish their comrades in life and their defenders against oppressors.

Thus with every single blow dealt by Red fighters on the enemy, especially the AFP and PNP's rabid units and death squads responsible for human rights violations, not only is the capacity of the People's genuine army to fight and win raised. More importantly, the people's confidence and solidarity with their army in waging revolution is raised. A rotten regime is thus isolated, and revolutionary change is further advanced.

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